Jane eyre as a victorian novel

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jane eyre as a victorian novel

Victorian Novels (216 books)

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The Gothic

Derek Chao Ms. Social class in British society was made of the lower, middle, and upper class. Brocklehurst and the Reeds to show that characters that were high in class and supported the social hierarchy were not.
Charlotte Brontë

Socio-Economic Structures of Victorian England: A Study of Jane Eyre

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Charlotte Bronte wrote the victorian novel Jane Eyre with the intention to tell the story of how a seemingly mere governess, Jane Eyre, managed to challenge the notion of what a conventional woman during the victorian era was capable of accomplishing with sheer courage. Jane tells her story through a strong narrative voice which is one of the many factors, along with her strength and perseverance, that allow for Jane to be a unconventional female heroine. Throughout her life, it is amazing how Jane refuses to live down to what a conventional woman was expected to achieve. Instead of conforming to what women were expected to be, she was able to triumph through adversity, and lived her life as a strong independent woman who could rely on herself.

Wikimedia Commons. Through the following activities, students can learn the expectations and limitations placed on Victorian women. Analyze qualities and traits associated with the ideal Victorian woman and how that affected women's status in society. During an era when etiquette guides circulated freely, empire waists gave way to tiny-waisted corsets, and tea parties grew in popularity, it might seem incongruous that realistic novels would set the Victorian literary trend. Perhaps the socially conscious novel may have been a result of the belief of the rising middle class of Victorian England in the possibility for change, since they had witnessed such economic changes in their lifetimes.

The Victorian period is known for bringing about dramatic changes across the British society. Britain expanded into a global empire which brought massive amount of wealth from the colonies. With the Industrial Revolution brewing in the country, the middle class found lucrative opportunities and a new labor class surfaced which struggled for job security and living conditions. Novelists such as Charlotte Bronte explored the crisis and progress of such a society and the reforms it led to. The uprisings, revolts, strikes, riots as well as the representation of these in literary works, and the awareness they generated, slowly caused the well established aristocratic framework to dissolve and gave way to a new flexible social and economic order. This dissolving of the feudal system and the resultant effects on the class hierarchy also led to a number of changes in the laws. These reforms find a subtle manifestation in the novels of the period.

Endeavoring to portray a realistic view of life that reflected the modernity of the age, the Victorian novel criticized aspects of society such as child labor and.
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Many themes, styles, genres, and modes of Victorian Literature are reflected in the works of the Bronte Sisters', especially that of Jane Eyre. Each setting of the book has it's own unique mood in strong relation to the characters present at each place. For example,Robert B. Martin points out that the setting of Thornfield is much more personal than the two preceding settings at Gateshead and Lowood because of the connection Jane makes to Rochester and the connection Rochester has to Thornfield George P. In chapter 11, Mrs. Because Mrs.



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